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Pascofix Dänemark
-Industrial Adhesive PASCO FIX
PASCOFIX-Industrial Adhesive
The industrial adhesive that is guaranteed to stick
The industrial adhesive that is guaranteed to stick

PASCO Industrieklebstoffe

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Pasco - Fill

Pasco - Fill
PASCO-Fill the chemical weld

Pasco©Fill, suitable as a filling material; in combination with Pasco©Fixit is used in applications like filling splitting, wood throats, punctures, joining and closing torn component rabbets and for many other applications more.
put on shifts of Pasco©Fill of approx. 2-3 mm thickness and then impregnate thoroughly with Pasco©Fix.To prevent Pasco-Fill from dropping through holes, just put a sheet of paper underneath. 

Depending on the situation you may also put on Pasco©Fix first and then spread on Pasco©Fill The second variant proved most effective particularly at welds. Make sure that the filling material is soaked through well by Pasco©Fix. The hardened joint can be processed mechanically, filled in or varnished (lacquered). Pasco©Fill is not toxic. does not damage the environment and can be disposed of together with household waste. Pasco©Fix works as a "catalyst" for Pasco©Fill Put on Paso©Fill and soak thoroughly with Pasco©Fix. The stability of such an, usually impossible joint, can be obtained by using Pasco©Fill Knocked out or broken off materials can be refilled with Pasco©Fill and can then be fixed by putting on Pasco©Fix. In connection with Pasco©Fix, Pasco©Fill is most suitable to refill and replace broken off material of any kind. Pasco©Fill can be used for all materials such as porcelain, wood, steel, coloured metals, epoxies, ceramics, paper, cork, etc. The hardened surface can be processed mechanically 

Typical applications :
Pasco fill

Important note:
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