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Pascofix Dänemark
-Industrial Adhesive PASCO FIX
PASCOFIX-Industrial Adhesive
The industrial adhesive that is guaranteed to stick
The industrial adhesive that is guaranteed to stick

PASCO Industrieklebstoffe

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Pasco - Rep

Pasco - Rep
The uncomplicated solution for all repair and maintenance work.

Easy to use: Cut off - knead - use. Always the right portion, even for small repairs. Pasco - Rep are temperature resistant from - 35°C up to +120°C (shortly up to +150°C). They resist to alcohol, ester, salt water, oils and most acids and lyes. They are free of solvents and cure with almost no shrinkage. The cured product can be machined (drilled, filed,tapped) and overpainted without pre-treatment. Pasco - Rep Aqua + Steel bond: metal, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete and many plastics.
Pasco Aqua  
Preferably used for any quick and high strength repairs and bonds of metal parts. Patches and seals cracks, holes, leakages and surface damages on:
- machine parts
- tanks and conduit pipes
- vessels, pumps and housings
- balcony grids
- stair railings
- stripped threads
- Suitable as an universal repair compound in the whole D.I.Y. and household sector.

Pasco Steel  
Ideal for quick permanent repairs to damp and wet areas and for underwater applications.
Patches and seals cracks, holes, leakages and surface damages on:
- fuel and water tanks
- radiators
- electrical switchboards
- sanitary installations
- swimming pools
- and in the marine sector.

Technical Data PASCO - Rep
Product : Rep - Stahl Rep - Aqua
Basematerial : Epoxydharz Epoxydharz
Contents : ca. 60 g ca. 60 g
Colour after mixinig : dark - gray white
Usabe life : 5 - 10 minutes 20 minutes
Cure time : 30 minutes 60 minutes
Final strength : 24 hours 24 hours
Temperature resistance : from - 35° to +120° C from - 35° to + 120° C
Compress. strength : 84 N / mm² 84 N / mm²
Tensile strength : 20 N / mm² 20 N / mm²
Shore D hardness : 80 75 - 80
Shelf life at room
temperature (18-25°C):
mind. 18 months mind. 18 months

Important note:
The specifications and recommendations given in this brochure must not be seen as guaranteed product characteristics. They are based on our laboratory tests and on practical experience. Since individual application conditions are beyond our knowledge, control and responsibility, this information is provided without any obligation. We do guarantee the continuously high quality of our products. However, own adequate laboratory and practical tests to find out if the product in question meets the requested properties are recommended. A claim cannot be derived from them. The user bears the only responsibility for non - appropriate or other than specified applications.